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Wind Surfer Stephen Schafer Killed By Shark Attack in Florlida

Wind surfer Stephen Schafer, who was killed Wednesday by a swarm of sharks off the coast of Florida, had bruises on his arms that indicate he tried to fight off the feeding predators during his final moments.

In a report released today by the Martin County Sheriff's Office, the 38-year-old surfer had 8 to 10 inch bite wounds on his right thigh and "numerous teeth marks" on his right Viver esporte shopping and left butt

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VENDO Severne Gator 7. 0, modelo del 2012, no cambers, comprada nueva este mes de Mayo, en buen

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What's New in Cancun, Mexico; New Developments in Transportation and Accommodations Prepare Destination for Busy Summer Season

CANCUN, Mexico--()--May 23, 2006--Ranked as one of this summer's top international destinations, Cancun, Mexico, prepares for its busiest travel season to date with new developments in transportation and accommodations. Travelers visiting the Caribbean's most popular vacation hotspot will find the destination and its newly renovated resorts, restaurants, beaches and attractions better and even http://www.mauifin.com/windsurf/ more accessible than ever.

As the country's second busiest airport next to Mexico City, Cancun International Airport has experien

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Steph Bridge driving force behind kitesurfing dynasty

It's not that she's a masochist, but the five-time kitesurf racing world champion has an eye on the sport's possible inclusion in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics -- either for herself, her eldest son Olly, or both.

The 43-year-old Briton is at the helm of Team Bridge -- a kitesurfing powerhouse of a family based in Exmouth on England's south west coast.

All grew up with sand between their toes, salt water in their veins and wind in their hair -- and when kitesurfing took off, so did they.

Steph has dominated the racing side of the sport for almost a decade, while

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Rio 2016 was an iconic Games, says IOC's Bach | Reuters

By Karolos Grohmann


RIO DE JANEIRO The Rio de Janeiro Olympics, which come to an end on Sunday, were an iconic Games despite a long list of problems and a lack of cash, International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach said on Saturday.

A day before the closing ceremony of the first Olympics in South America, Bach said the performances of athletics combined with the purpose-built venues had made the Games a success and proved less affluent nations could host the Olympics.

"These were and still are iconic Olympic Games in many respects," Bach told reporters.

"We have seen iconic athletes across all sports, seen athletes who were icons and even strengthened their positions like Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt. And others who became icons here.

"We all saw the level of competition over all sports Viver Esporte Blog was extremely high, with stunning performances from the athletes. This really is the spirit of the Games," he said.

Rio organisers struggled with transportation, security, empty stands and a shortage of funds as Brazil was gripped by its worst recession since the 1930s, with political turmoil further hampering preparations.

Rio won the right to host the Games in 2009 amid a booming economy but due to a severe economic crisis over the past few years organisers had to get advance payments from the IOC while also asking for public funds to complete preparations.

Bach defended the IOC's choice of Rio saying it would have again chosen the Brazilian city because the Olympics were staged "in the middle of reality".

"I think this is a really iconic Games. It is also Games in the middle of reality. They were not organised in a bubble. They were organised in a city where there are social problems, social divides, where real life continued and I think it was very good for everybody.

"To be close to reality and not to have it in a bubble for 16 days, the Games somehow being isolated. To be in the middle of it, to see reality and by seeing this to put sport into perspective."

Organisers, who had pledged Rio would be the safest city in the world during the Olympics, repeatedly had to apologise for incidents of crime involving athletes, media or visitors.

Critics had said the Games were the last thing Brazil needed, with money better spent on social welfare projects instead.

An ongoing political crisis with suspended President Dilma Rousseff facing an impeachment trial and interim President Michel Temer being deeply unpopular, only added to the Games' problems.

"The IOC has shown that it is possible to organise Olympic Games also in countries which are not at the top of the GDP (gross domestic product) ranking," Bach said. "It has shown great solidarity and seen great solidarity.

"We have shown that we are ready to face social reality and to address this."

(Editing by Nina Chestney and Clare Fallon)


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Games bus hit by gunfire, no one seriously hurt: witnesses | Reuters

RIO DE JANEIRO A bus carrying journalists at the Rio Games was hit by gunfire on a highway between Olympic venues on Tuesday, witnesses said. No one was seriously injured in the incident.

The bus was making its way from the Games basketball venue to the main Olympic park when, according to passengers, two shots were heard hitting the vehicle. Windows shattered and flying glass left two people with minor lacerations.

"We were shot at. I mean we could hear the report of the gun," said Sherryl "Lee" Michaelson, a retired U.S. air force captain who is working for a basketball publication in Rio.

A spokesman for the Rio organizing committee, Mario Andrada, said forensic investigators were trying to determine if the projectile was a bullet or a rock.

"We haven't yet been able to confirm what kind of projectile hit the bus," he said, adding that the incident occurred in the Curicaca neighborhood, just a few kilometers (miles) north of the Olympic Park. "We don't want to speculate."

A Reuters photograph taken in the first moments of the incident showed a small hole, about the width of a finger, in one of the windows.

Violent street crime in Rio has left its mark on South America's first Olympic Games. On Saturday, a bullet hit the equestrian center, missing journalists there by just a few feet. That bullet was suspected to loja de artigos esportivos have been fired by a gang member trying to shoot down a police blimp or drone, officials said.

(Reporting by Brenda Goh and Caroline Stauffer; Writing by Mark Bendeich; Editing by Peter Rutherford)